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Driving lessons

Our driving classes ensure total driver's education in Liberty Township, OH

Call Tom's Superior Driving School to make sure you are ready for your driver's license test!
When you take driving classes at Tom's Superior Driving School you can expect a positive growing experience.

For many, turning 16 and getting your driver's license is a rite of passage. With that comes great responsibility and the need to understand not only the rules of the road from a legal perspective, but also situational rules. Arm yourself with the education you need to prepare for your driving test with driving classes at Tom's Superior Driving School in Liberty Township, OH.

Our driving instructors will guide you through every lesson at your own pace, so you become a confident and safe driver. Soon you will have your freedom to drive the streets of Liberty Township alone!
Call us at (513) 779-1040 or browse our website to find out about our calendar of upcoming driver's education classes and special offers.

Your temporary driving permit

At 15 years and 6 months of age, you have the right to apply for your temporary driving permit in Liberty Township. This will allow you to drive and learn with enrollment at Tom's Superior Driving School however, there are some guidelines you need to know before starting your program.

To get your permit and prepare for driving classes you will need to provide the following to your local BMV:
 • Social Security Card
 • Birth Certificate
 • Parent or guardian to sign
 • $22 fee for the Temporary Driver's Permit Packet

Please call Tom's Superior Driving School to speak with one of our friendly customer service representatives. We are here to answer any questions you may have to help you with your next steps in getting your driver's license!
An instructor teaches the rules of the road during driving classes in Liberty Township, OH
Woman behind the wheel of a car taking driving classes in Liberty Township, OH

Temporary permit restrictions

At Tom's Superior Driving School, our goal is to provide students with the best driving classes possible, but to also ensure our students have all the information they need to get themselves on the road safely and following all rules from day one. When you apply for your temporary driving permit in Liberty Township you need to be aware of certain restrictions, such as:
 • Must be accompanied by a licensed parent, guardian, or commercial                          instructor         who is 21
 • No driving permitted between 1:00am - 5:00am
 • Valid 1 year from purchase

Getting your temporary driving permit is the exciting beginning of your life as a safe, independent and responsible driver. Get ready for the road with driving classes at Tom's Superior Driving School!

Driver's license information

When you enroll with Tom's Superior Driving School in Liberty Township, our driving classes prepare you for your new life as a driver. When it comes time to take your test you'll pass because you'll be ready! Here is what to expect:
 • Initial license for new drivers is probationary for ages 16 to 17, which expires      on the 21st birthday
 • Drug or alcohol offenses may cause postponement of new driver's license              eligibility
 • A license is valid for 4 years and expires on the licensee's birthday
 • Licenses are obtainable from Registrar of Motor Vehicles or local deputy                registrars
 • Certified birth certificate and Social Security card or other acceptable                     documentation is required for issuance
 • Written driver's education exam, laws, road sign test, and driving and                        maneuverability test are required for an original license
 • Road tests may be waived for new residents with a valid out-of-state driver's       license. Vision screening is required for original license
 • Regular driver's license renewal must be made in person and includes a vision     screening, written exam, and driving test if license is expired for more than 6       months
 • License renewal is permitted anytime or through deputy registrar. Vision               requirements must be met and documented
 • A 6-month restricted license may be issued to any person otherwise qualified      who is or has been subject to conditions resulting in episodic impairment or        loss of muscular control and whose condition, in the opinion of the registrar,        is dormant or under effective medical control to allow the safe operation of a      motor vehicle. The Registrar will require statement from physician.
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